Looking for a space-efficient way to store my craft supplies.

We have a small apartment.

Small would be an understatement. We have a two-bedroom efficiency apartment. Which comfortably fits about a fourth of the things we own. In the beginning, moving to this apartment was a huge wake-up call to us. We had simply amassed far too many things. It kind of pains me to think about the thousands of dollars we must have spent on all these unneeded things. So moving gave me an opportunity to simplify our lives and get rid of all the junk we’ve acquired.

On the other hand, i’m facing an impasse with my craft supplies. I find myself idle more often than not because my sewing machine and beading supplies are all in storage. I can complete a lot of useful projects with these things available. However, we don'[t even have room for a dinner table, much less my crafting junk.

So begins the search and plannings of craft-supply storage. If I ever come up with anything that actually WORKS I will post my results here. Until then, wish me luck.


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