The wonders of Netflix.

So I hate to post one of those blogs sucking up to a certain product or website, but today I stayed home sick from work. You cannot believe how grateful I am to have Netflix.

First of all, it’s far cheaper than having cable. We don’t bother with the DVD rental, we just do the online streaming thing. With cable it can be hard to weed out the junk shows from things that are actually informational or interesting. It’s even worse with kids, as some of the cartoons today are somewhat crude. I am uncomfortable with a lot of the shows on Nickelodeon and Disney honestly, but i’m not going to ban television entirely. So we’ve instead made a playlist of shows just for Eli, shows we have pre-watched and approved ahead of time.

What’s more, we watch a lot less television this way. With cable it’s really easy to mindlessly channel surf for hours. For whatever reason we don’t do that with online television.

For a sick-in-bed kind of day i’m pretty grateful for something as insignificant as Netflix. I know it’s silly, but I get majorly depressed and down when i’m sick. I have a lot of health problems, so i’m used to this sort of thing. When you sit in bed all day a dozen times a month, you have to have some form of entertainment or you will drive yourself insane. Having something easy to entertain myself with is a huge blessing.


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