Homemade Christmas beginnings.

I know it’s super early to be talking about Christmas. Like scary early. On the other hand, last year I got too far behind and wound up spending too much money on gifts.

Last year I saw Simply Vintagegirl’s homemade Christmas event and wanted to participate, but bowed out before I got too committed to the idea. This year we will be expecting a baby right after Christmas. Money will be tight, but as I will probably be on bed rest at some point before Christmas I aught to have ample time to complete some home made presents to spare us some of the checking account crunch.

I’ve been researching some ideas, and i’ve come up with a few thoughts for some people. My husband is a huge fan of Alton Brown and loves to cook. He’s always wanted to experiment with various gourmet salts, but never buys them for himself. I think I am going to make him a small spice rack and buy a few different types of gourmet sea salt in small quantities and bottle them with labels. My mom loves antiques and candles, so I am going to search for some used teacups to make teacup candles with. Home made truffles for the boys always go well, and i’m pretty good at making my own jewelry so that aught to suffice for a few gifts as well.

I will be working on these gifts all fall, and posting my attempts on here. Wish me luck!

-Housewife at Work


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