Can I share some happy news with you?

Our God is an awesome God.

My husband and I took upon ourselves to spend this year really honing our evangelism skills. Neither of us have natural talent in this area, and we knew that it was something that we needed to work on. So with some help from the Lord we began slowly witnessing to our friends and family and praying for them daily.

I am happy and grateful to say, that for the last four months about 7 of our dear friends have been at church every Sunday and attending a Bible study at our house.

Even better, one of them is being Baptized this Sunday by my husband.

I could not be more proud of our friend. He has had a rough year, and given the circumstances most people would turn away from God in anger. Instead, he ran towards Him. He is going to be a great instrument to the kingdom and I feel so blessed to be given the chance to watch him grow and learn.

My husband and I have learned a lot as well, because witnessing is a new thing for us. We tried not to get our hopes up, because we didn’t want to be let down if our loved ones didn’t accept Christ. What a folly on our behalves, our God can do ANYTHING. Watching the transformations of our friends has been one of the richest experiences of our lives.

Thank you God, for all the blessings of this week.

Housewife at Work


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