Making bread for the first time today!

Okay, I admit. While I feel that i’m a pretty good cook, I’m not much of a baker. In our house in fact, my husband is quite skilled with baked goods. He grew up with a mom who could dish out cookies, pies and breads like it was nothing. My mom’s definition of baking was opening a package of Wonderbread, so it just never came naturally to me.

Also, my affinity for not following directions gives me a sad lack of baking skill. HOWEVER, I am determined to change that in an attempt to prepare myself for my future role as a full-time homekeeper. Baking your own bread is not only more nutritious, but considerably more frugal. Let us not forget how TASTY home made bread is!

So I began my search for a very SIMPLE bread recipe. I found a basic one over at Just Another Hang Up. Her bread looks super yummy, and the directions seemed simple enough.

I followed the directions, and as of right now i’ve got the dough rising in my kitchen! I know it sounds silly, but I actually prayed that the bread turns out okay. One of the things I envision for my family whenever we are able to let me become a stay-at-home-mother is to be a good cook! So i’ve got quite a bit of hope tied up in that darn dough. : p

I will keep you posted!

-Housewife at Work












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