Adventures in Homemaking: Canning

I must admit i’ve never had much interest in canning. It seemed like something that old ladies did, so I turned up my nose at it.

Until I realized how much salsa, jam and pickles my family consumes. Then the wheels in my head began turning, what if I could make a ton of these foods myself during the summer when produce prices are lower? How could I make that last throughout the year? Oh…..right……canning.


So now I am timidly venturing into the world of canning. I still have a few weeks of somewhat-low produce prices so I thought I could experiment for fun next week and see how this whole canning thing works. I’m a little intimidated, as I don’t know anyone who does canning and so i’m starting from scratch. Fortunately, the internet has lots of info to help get me started. I found Tipnut to be the most useful, with tons of recipes. Over 100 in fact. and also had lots of recipes to search through. In fact, I will be using a simple grab jelly recipe next week found at the link below.

It seemed simple enough for a first timer. I will have to let everyone know how it goes!

-Housewife at Work


One response

  1. Good luck with your canning! I started doing small batch canning last year. I started with a very simple Pear Honey recipe using pears from our local farmers market. This year in addition to the pears, I canned strawberry jam (with local berries we picked) and jalapeno pepper jelly (using local peppers from the farmers market). It’s fun! You’ll love to hear the sound of those jars popping :)

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

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