Dinner Planning for 12/4-12/10

Making up a dinner menu a week ahead of time has been hugely helpful for this working mother. Assuming that is that I stick to the menu. As i’ve been posting my weekly menu online, it’s become easier to be held accountable for what i’ve decided to make.

Generally speaking I try to go grocery shopping once a week. I also try to work with items I already have in the house, then supplement those items with sale items and coupons. Our grocery budget is $200 a month, so I have to be vigilant about price comparisons. By planning the week beforehand it’s much easier to stay on top of these things, and I generally feel less stressed. My other goal is to find ONE type of meat to eat throughout the week. For instance, next week chicken breast is going to be deeply discounted at a local store. So I pick up just enough to last us for 7 days and I only use that meat when I cook dishes that need meat.  I try and do something similar with cheese, next week Swiss will be on sale at a different store, so we will be using that for our dairy product. It’s saved us quite a bit of money. To be on the safe side though, we always have plenty of eggs, bacon and sliced ham for lunches and breakfasts. However, if somebody decides they just aren’t “in the mood” for the meat of the week they are free to use the ham, bacon or eggs for a sandwich for dinner.

So that is what works for us. I would love to do a more involved menu when I become a stay-at-home mother full time again. Until then, dinner is all we can do. I grew up in a family that never ate any meals together for any reason, so even just dinner together feels special to me!

Here is what we have planned for next week, what about you ladies?

12/4- French onion soup in bread bowls

12/5- White chicken enchiladas with corn

12/6- Chicken salad sandwiches with glazed carrots

12/7- Crock Pot Macaroni and cheese with crumbled bacon

12/8 – BBQ Chicken with roasted potatoes

12/9 – Eggs in a basket with bacon

12/10- Monte Cristo sandwiches with tomato soup

-Housewife at Work


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