….and all the families on WIC say “hooray!” AKA- How to warm corn tortillas.

So my husband and I have been utilizing WIC to help stretch our food budget a little more. I have to say, I really adore this program. We don’t qualify for a lot of government assistance because we have jobs, but WIC is a program with fairly high income guidelines so we do qualify for help in that way. Between the milk, eggs and cheese we gobble up the WIC items gratefully. However, there has always been one item that we never knew how to really utilize…..the corn tortillas.

The battle for tortilla supremacy begins!

I know that sound silly, but my husband and I both grew up on flour ones. We had never even eaten corn tortillas before except in chip form. So when we tried to make tacos and enchiladas with them we would become very frustrated as they fell apart on our plates. Not to mention the taste was unfamiliar to us, and not well-received. So we tended to just cut them into triangles, bake them and use them as chips instead. Which while tasty, wasn’t the best use of this product.

After a couple of months of searching however, we figured out that the problem was in how we warmed up the corn tortillas! We always tried to warm them like flour ones, wrapping them in foil and putting them in the oven. However, that was unsuccessful. Instead I put a tiny amount of oil in a skillet and warmed it up. Then I placed each tortilla in the skillet for about 20 seconds on each side. When the tortillas started to kind of jump up in the middle I flipped them. Then I placed them on paper towels to absorb some of the grease. If you serve them fairly quickly afterwards they won’t fall apart, and they taste wonderful!

I placed 3 chicken breasts in our crock pot and a can of chili beans (also a WIC purchase) in there as well. I also included chopped red onion (WIC), green pepper(WIC) and some leftover corn to cook overnight. Yes, there was copious amounts of cumin involved as well. At noon today we had the delicious chicken shredded up in the crock pot with all the beans and veggies simmering, and placed that mixture on our warmed tortillas.




Now that we’ve had corn tortillas properly warmed up, i’m not sure we will ever return to flour ones even when our WIC ends. The corn tortillas tend to be a good deal cheaper, and feel a little more filling than the flour ones.

I hope to introduce more ways to utilize WIC purchases on this blog. I know there are a lot of ladies who depend on this program to feed their families, and I certainly would love to research more WIC item recipes for my own family!  If any of you readers have WIC recipes you would like to share, leave me a comment and I will try it myself!

All the best,

Housewife at Work


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