A little about the blogger…

So here are a few things about me. I am 24, a wife, a mother, a fairly new Christian and a student/waitress. That’s quite a lot of hats to wear when I feel like my number one calling is being a faithful wife and mother. I frequently fall behind and get frustrated with being pulled in so many directions.  However, I get by with the help of an encouraging husband and a gracious, loving God who sees THROUGH my flaws and INTO my potential.

I hope to one day focus my efforts primarily on my home, as I feel called by the Lord in that direction. For the time being, I have to split my time into a lot of areas. I know i’m not the only Christian woman who is in this position, so I put together this blog as an attempt to lift up those of us who are “working housewives” trying to juggle a professional life with a personal/domestic life. I’m not the best writer and i’m certainly not a Bible scholar…but if even ONE stressed out wife cracks a smile or breathes a sigh of relief after reading my blog and relating, then I will feel satisfied. : )

May you have much love, many blessings and all the best…

-Housewife at Work


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