Apologies, apologies.

It’s been about 5+ years since i’ve done any form of web design. Back in my day (ahem) all the rage was HTML and the first couple versions of Dreamweaver.  You better believe I had an AWESOME custom Myspace page, and my bl0g looked pretty nice too. Alas, that was a much different time. A time before a husband, job, college and a couple of kids. You know, a time when I had time?  Back when Myspace was a cool new thing, and not the dying beast it is now?

Now i’m completely out of the web design loop, and this CSS stuff is a foreign language to me. So apologies all around for the frequently-changing blog appearance while I try and sort all this new information out. I’m doing my best with the premade templates that WordPress provides. Thus far I am unimpressed with theirs, but there is no way I could do better myself at this point. : ) So who am I to complain?  I hope to get something attractive figured out soon.  Just be patient, a pretty blog will soon arrive. (I hope)

All the best,

Housewife at Work.