Maintaining your weight while pregnant.

Was I the only one who grew up around the myth that women should eat like hogs while pregnant? Yeah, I knew I wasn’t. I think a lot of people have burned themselves following the unwise advise to “eat for two”. I was one of them.

I was a healthy size 7 pre-Elijah, and once I got pregnant with him my pregnancy weight was progressing healthily. Until I was put on bedrest halfway through month 5 for pre-eclampsia. I had just moved to a new town away from my family and friends. We had no cable or internet at the time, so I sat in my bed and watched movies all day for the next two months. My diet became out of control from the lack of exercise and eating out of boredom and loneliness. I packed on far too much weight, making my blood pressure skyrocket even higher. After my son was born I presumed that the weight would fall off on it’s own. After all, I was nursing and exercising once he was born. Little did I know only TWO MONTHS of irresponsible eating habits would shape MY future shape for the next three years.

I did lose some weight, but after being accustomed to eating everything in sight I didn’t shrink down like I had hoped. By the time I was pregnant with my second child I was still slightly overweight and a little nervous about the impending weight gain.

Luckily I have a new OB, one who is sensitive to my weight issues but still realistic about what needs to happen to keep myself and baby as healthy as possible. He told me that based on my starting height and weight it’s actually not necessary for me to gain any more than 18 pounds during this pregnancy.

So far, so good. My nausea was so severe in the first trimester that I accidentally lost a few pounds. So i’m in the beginning of my second trimester and I am about 8 pounds lighter than I was. I am not intending on losing any more weight during this pregnancy, but I did cut out sugary sodas completely. Fried foods are almost nonexistent in my house anymore, and I don’t really care for desserts most of the time anyway. On the rare occasion that I do get a dessert craving, I make it myself so I can control the ingredients.

I’m hoping that the changes i’m making now extend past my pregnancy. I know having the exact body I had four years ago isn’t realistic, but it actually wouldn’t be too unreasonable to be a size 9 instead of the 13-14 i’ve been wearing the past three years.

Babycenter has lots of great articles about plus-size women having a healthy pregnancy, and it’s where i’ve gotten a lot of my information. Really your doctor is the one who you need to speak to before significantly altering your diet, but you can find lots of great information at